Postview – February 2015 Issue

By on February 10th

A Hundred Years Ago – by Philip Francis – I had the privilege recently of attending a memorial service for a remarkable pioneer of the Canadian nursing profession. Verna Splane […]

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Postview – December 2014 Issue

By on December 13th

In our last issue, we highlighted the important role played by postcards in shaping public attitudes in 1914. A hundred years before Twitter and Instagram, postcards also played a significant […]

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Postview – September 2014 Issue

By on August 20th

We have read much in recent weeks about how a distinctive Canadian national identity was forged on the battlefields of Europe in WWI. As we know, the courage, heroism and […]

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Postview – May 2014 Issue

By on May 12th

For postcard collectors in British Columbia the long winter wait is almost over. The annual Paper Collectibles Show & Sale, presented by the Vancouver Postcard Club, will be held on […]

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Postview – February 2014 Issue

By on February 10th

The show must go on, The show must go on, Inside my heart is breaking, My make-up may be flaking, But my smile still stays on. Queen, 1991. Brian May’s […]

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Postview – December 2013 issue

By on December 2nd

It’s been another good year for the Vancouver Postcard Club under the leadership of Tim Woodland, Club President. As noted in Tim’s Annual Report on p.3, the Club has sponsored […]

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Postview – Sept 2013 issue

By on August 24th

Have you ever scratched your head at an unusually high price that a postcard has sold for on eBay? Sometimes you see a rather mundane view of a ship or […]

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Postview – May 2013 issue

By on May 15th

For postcard collectors across B.C., the Vancouver Postcard Show on Sunday 26th 2013 is the highlight of the collecting year. This year’s show, held as usual at the Hastings Community […]

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Postview – February 2013 Issue

By on February 12th

With Toronto under 30 cms of snow as we prepare this issue of Postview we can’t help mentioning how pretty the snowdrops and crocuses are looking in our front yard […]

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Postview – December 2012 Issue

By on December 10th

We are all too well aware that an “Annual General Meeting” often involves boring committee reports, interminable “points of order” and, more often than not, someone hogging the microphone to […]

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