Postview – September 2012

By on August 15th

For 36 years, the BIPEX/Picture Postcard Show, in London, England has been the highlight of the year for postcard collectors around the world. Recently it has been held in August […]

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Postview – May 2012 (revised dates)

By on May 21st

Each year, the British Columbia Historical Federation, the umbrella organization for provincial historical societies, presents an Award for Best Newsletter to a member society that contributes to the study and […]

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Postview – February 2012

By on January 31st

For almost ten years, the Vancouver Postcard Club has been led by Don Steele, President and long-time member of the Club. The AGM held on December 18th therefore had an […]

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Postview – December 2011

By on December 7th

The 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Vancouver Postcard Club on December 18th has more significance than normal in the life of our Club. In addition to the usual features – approval of reports, annual auction and club photo – this year’s AGM will also mark the retirement of Don Steele as Club Presi- dent. The AGM will elect a new Executive Committee and a new President.

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Postview – September 2011

By on September 1st

While others may be coping with the back to school season, Vancouver postcard collectors are celebrating the start of a new season of a different kind. The first of the monthly club meetings kicks off on Sunday 18th September with Maurice Guibord giving a presentation on the Eiffel Tower.

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Postview – May 2011

By on May 1st

Judging from some recent articles in Picture Postcard Monthly, the “must read” British publication for serious postcard collectors, the postcard show is an endangered species. The numbers of those attending shows is down and more and more dealers are choosing to stay home.

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Postview – Feburary 2011

By on February 1st

After 30 years we felt it was time to spruce up the format of the Club newsletter and we hope you’ll approve of the new look. We may know a bit about postcards but we could sure do with some expert assistance with our Adobe InDesign software (all advice and offers gratefully received).

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Postview – December 2010

By on December 1st

As announced in the last issue, this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held on Sunday, 19th December at 12 noon at the Hastings Community Centre. Those accustomed to attending corporate AGMs need have no fear – the VPC AGM is altogether different and much more enjoyable!

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Postview – September 2010

By on September 1st

One of the perks of editing this newsletter is being invited to attend the Club’s Executive meetings. It’s a hard-working group chaired by Don Steele, Club President, with Ron Souch, Vice President and Margaret Waddington, Secretary Treasurer.

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Postview – July 2010

By on July 1st

In the December 2009 issue of this newsletter (page 6), Margaret Waddington listed the three sets of approximately 50 postcards that were issued to celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympics. Margaret informs us that in addition to its Miga, Quatchi and Sumi cards Canada Post issued two new sets of prepaid Vancouver 2010 Olympics cards.

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