Club Meeting – Apr. 10, 2016 – John Davies on Canadian Hotels, Resorts, Lodges Unaffiliated with the Railways

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Join members of the Vancouver Postcard Club Sunday, April 10th, 2016 to hear John Davies’ presentation, THEY WEREN’T ALL RAILWAYS’ HOTELS: Canadian Hotels, Resorts, Lodges Unaffiliated with the Railways.

nb: this lecture was originally announced as: “THEY WEREN’T ALWAYS RAILWAYS’ HOTELS: The Hotels, Resorts, Lodges of Canadian Unaffiliated Railways”, but the title above has been corrected to more precisely describe the talk as presented.


Georgia Street, featuring the Medical-Dental Building, the Devonshire Apartments, and the Georgia Hotel, circa 1929, from a Coast Publishing Company card, followed by a similar Traveltime Product by Grant-Mann Lithographers Ltd., this time circa 1961. (images via Rob on flickr)

Vancouver Postcard Club meeting time and location: Sunday, April 10, 2016 starting at 11:30 am with postcard trading. Hastings Community Centre, 3096 E. Hastings, Vancouver.

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